Crescent Dental Clinic wishes to advise new and existing clients that patient safety is taken seriously.
A dedicated decontamination room is used for instrument decontamination. Below is an outline of
processes followed to avoid cross infection. Please ask if you have any queries.

Decontamination room 

Instrument decontamination process

Stage one...pre-soak instruments in disinfectant solution until ready for decontamination
Manual cleaning, inspection and rinsing of dental instruments


Stage two...ultrasonic enzymatic cleaning and rinsing of instruments

Stage three...autoclaving to achieve sterilisation. Process is validated with TST strips

Storage of instruments ready for use

Single use disposable items
Single use suction tips, air/water syringe tips, filling matrix bands, endodontic files
Single use needles and anaesthetic cartridges
Single use patient gloves

Hand washing

Clinical waste disposal
Sharps, plastics, paper based and latex glove waste is removed by Cannon Hygiene Ltd for safe
disposal by incineration

Water supply
Dental drills are fed via bottled water in line with water safety regulations. Water lines are treated
daily to prevent biofilm contamination

General hygiene
General hygiene of toilets, reception/surgery floors is carried out on a daily basis to maintain a clean
and comfortable environment.

The surgery is air-conditioned with an air filtration process

Dental laboratory
Dental impressions are disinfected before dispatch from the clinic to the dental laboratory